MONARK STEELS has been established in the year 1997 as a small- scale industry & manufacturing only SG Iron / Ductile Iron Castings, produced for Export to Europe and USA and domestic customers.

On our way we are in the process of adding up capacity with our new Greenfield project coming up in Kagal Five Star MIDC for producing @ 300 tons of castings per month and machining to meet increasing market demand.

The new unit will comprise of ARPA 450 Molding line and wider range of products can be produced.


S.G Iron castings in Grade - 400 / 12, 500 / 7, 600 / 3, 700 / 2, 5506

1. EXPORT ITEMS - Carrier, Rotor, Ring, Housing, Link, Bushes.

2. O. E. SUPPLY - Differential Casings, Pinoin Housings, Bearing Housings, End Collar, Bushings, Gear Carrier, Bearing Cap, Cover, Housing, Retainer

3. AUTO COMPONENTS - Brackets, Differential Case, Hubs, Fly wheels, Brake Disc, Break Head

4. GENERAL ENGINEERING COMPONENTS - Crank Shafts for Oil Engines Sector Gears, G.B.Housing and Valve Bodies.

S.G.Iron Castings In Grade -- 400/12, 500/7, 600/3, 700/2. and Equ. Grade In Ductile Iron Includes Crank Shaft, Connecting Rod, Cam Shaft , Differential Case, Brake Discs, Wheel, Lever, Hub, Gear Carrier, Cover.



C.E Meter

Metallographic Image Analyzer with Microscope

Hardness Testing Machine

Sand Testing Equipments

UTM With Proof Stress